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Schedule of Events

Unless stated otherwise all events start at 14:15  at Jordans Quaker Centre.  Finishing around 16:30. Important: Before booking please see here.

Sat 7th Oct

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Autumn Outing  to Dunstable Priory

with Ron Dudley-Smith. We will be dowsing the energies at the adjacent ruins and the nearby Michael and Mary Lines.

Members only £!0

Sun 22nd Oct

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Dartmoor Mindscapes  -  Re-Visioning A Sacred Landscape

We are pleased to welcome back Peter Knight who will talk to us today about the subject of his latest book. Peter is an experienced author, presenter and dowser.  

2.15 p.m.-  4.15p.m  approx.

Members £3 and non- members £ 5.

Sun 19th Nov

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A talk on Shamanism

With Deena O’Brien. Explore the meaning and history of Shamanism and discover your Power Animals along the way.

Members £5 Non-Members £10

Sun 3rd Dec

AGM and Christmas  Lunch

Details to follow


Sun 28th Jan

Mail: chair@thamesvalleydowsers.org.uk?subject=Please Book - Therapeutic Aura Reading&body=Hi
Would you please book  __ places at this talk



Therapeutic Aura Reading

A talk by Dr. Helen Ford on Therapeutic Aura Reading for understanding and healing the underlying causes of illness and emotional distress” Helen was trained as a medical doctor. More details to follow

Members £5 Non-Members £10

Sun 18th Feb

Mail: chair@thamesvalleydowsers.org.uk?subject=Please Book - Face Reading&body=Hi
Would you please book  __ places at this talk



Face Reading

A talk by Simon Brown on using face reading to gain an insight to someone’s character. More details to follow

Members £5 Non-Members £10

Sun 25th Mar

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Animal Communication and Healing

A talk and demonstration with Ann Lodygowski on how she communicates and heals animals with flower remedies and dowsing

Members £6 Non-Members £11

30th June weekend

Summer Weekend Away

This year our weekend away will be to Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds with Leaders Kris Lee and his partner Liz.

Many of you will know them already from previous guided days out with TVD. Kris is an historian and Liz a dowser you will have the best of both worlds. More details to follow. Members only


We are again privileged to welcome Patrick MacManaway who will be talking to  us on the theme “Keys to Grace” in which he will teach us how to get into the optimum state of mind for dowsing and working in the realm of subtle energies. More details to follow