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Schedule of Events

Unless stated otherwise all events start at 14:15  at Jordans Quaker Centre.  Finishing around 16:30. Important: Before booking please see here.

30th June - 1st July weekend

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Summer Weekend Away

This year our weekend away will be to Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds with Leaders Kris Lee and his partner Liz.

Many of you will know them already from previous guided days out with TVD. Kris is an historian and Liz a dowser you will have the best of both worlds.  Members only

Sun 22nd July

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Day trip: A Day of Water Dowsing

At Nuneham Courtenay, this side of Oxford ( 45 minutes from High Wycombe)

A day of learning about water dowsing both theory and practical led by Linda Prenter, an experienced water dowser who has worked for several years alongside Peter Golding, one of the BSD’s most experienced water dowsers.

16 places max: Members only and booking essential

Time: 10 a.m to 5 p.m.  

 £12 per person plus entry to the Arboretum

14th-16th Sept

BSD conference

To be held at Leicester University. Details in due course on the BSD website

Sun 21st Oct

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 Spirit Rescue:  An Interactive Talk by Adrian Incledon -Webber:

During his talk Adrian will outline why some souls don’t automatically go to the light, why they stay behind and where they can be found - even in new homes.

If you can dowse please bring your rods or pendulums with you as this is an interactive talk.

Members £5  Non_members £10

Fri 2nd Nov

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Keys to Grace

We are privileged to have Patrick MacManaway return, this time talking to us on the theme “Keys to Grace” in which he will teach us how to get into the optimum state of mind for dowsing and working in the realm of subtle energies. Details to follow


Sun 2nd Dec

AGM and Christmas Lunch


Sun 17th Feb

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E=MC2: your biofield

A Workshop with Mark Harris You are both energy and matter and most of what we perceive and make decisions by is based on matter MC2. We use equipment at the E end to help measure diagnose and quantify what we may do with matter, however we are more than physical bodies, in fact we are the body electro- magnetic.

Members £5  Non_members £10

Sun 24th Mar

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 Crystals – nature’s answer to techno-stress: A workshop by Kelly Peacey :
Crystals have long been used to shield and transmute energies and are now being shown to assist in grounding and earthing the human electromagnetic body.  Explore and experience for yourself the powerful effects of crystals as we dowse to confirm their effectiveness.
Members £5  Non_members £10