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Schedule of Events

Unless stated otherwise all events start at 14:15  at Jordans Quaker Centre.  Finishing around 16:30. Important: Before booking please see here.


Sun 17th Feb

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E=MC2: your biofield

A Workshop with Mark Harris. Dowsers are familiar with the yes/ no response which is usually a right hand spin for yes  or left handed spin for no as this indicates yang or yin expansion/contraction of the electric field.  Every time we make a decision about what to eat, wear, buy, drive in, we dowse with the same expansion and contraction of your chakras and whole energy field.

So come along and bring your favourite book, CD, DVD, dowsing items and supplements (not medical prescriptions) to see what is expanding or contracting for you.

Members £5  Non_members £10

Sun 24th Mar

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 Crystals – nature’s answer to techno-stress: A workshop by Kelly Peacey :
Crystals have long been used to shield and transmute energies and are now being shown to assist in grounding and earthing the human electromagnetic body.  Explore and experience for yourself the powerful effects of crystals as we dowse to confirm their effectiveness.
Members £5  Non_members £10

Sat13th April

A day with Dr. Patrick MacManaway:  

We will be spending a day with Patrick on a farm in Oxfordshire, identifying problems and healing the land, the animals and the crops. Limited places available and this event is for members of TVD only.  Please speak to Sue if you are interested:  01494 813214.

Sat 8th June

Mail: chair@thamesvalleydowsers.org.uk?subject=PLease Book: Teaching session 8th June&body=Hi
Would you please book  __ places at this session



Learn to dowse: We will teach you how to use dowsing rods (outside) and a pendulum (indoors) followed by practical exercises. This workshop is for complete beginners or those who wish to hone their skills. Dowsing is not just for finding water.  Learn about all its other uses and how you can improve your daily life.  Rods and pendulums will be provided.

There is no charge for this event but we would ask you for a donation please on the day to cover the cost of the hall rental.  Places must be reserved. Watch this space for confirmation of the date!

Time:  2p.m.- 5 p.m.

Venue : Jordans Quaker Centre


14-16 June

Mail: membership@thamesvalleydowsers.org.uk?subject=PLease Book: Teaching session 8th June&body=Hi
Would you please book  __ places at this session



TVD weekend away in Yorkshire led by Adrian Incledon-Webber. The intinerary is now released so please check it out. Members only.

Sun 7th July

TVD Lunch and garden party

Members only

Sun 13th Oct

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Working with your plant spirit allies to hold your centre and maintain energetic sovereignty

In this interactive session Davyd Farrell, Plant Consciousness and Wisdom Hub co-founder and plant spirit healer and geomancer will highlight the potential of working with flower essences to form meaningful relationships or alliances with plant spirit allies.

Members £5  Non_members £10