Working with Plant Spirits

Sunday 13th October

Working with your plant spirit allies to hold your centre and maintain energetic sovereignty.


In this interactive session Davyd Farrell, Plant Consciousness and Wisdom Hub co-founder and plant spirit healer and geomancer will highlight the potential of working with flower essences to form meaningful relationships or alliances with plant spirit allies.


He will share the principles of plant diets and how they can help form relationships with the the conscious intelligence of plants. Working with plants such as; Tobacco, Mugwort, Wormwood, Yarrow, Angelica, St Johns Wort and more he will demonstrate how we can heal ourselves, others and the land spirits by working with plant allies.


In these times of chaos and unstable energies its vital that we learn how to hold our centre, remain grounded and keep our energetic space clean.

Through healing with plants we can learn to identify what is our true nature and then be able to identify those energies that are not actually ours.


Through cleaning and centring we can learn how to maintain our psychic boundaries and keep our own energetic sovereignty.

Venue Jordans Quaker Centre.

Doors open 2pm for 2.15pm start

Cost: Members £5   Non Members £10