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Sunday 24th March

 Crystals – nature’s answer to techno-stress

A workshop by Kelly Peacey.

In our modern world we are now victims of a new hazard that is unseen and largely undetected.  In most homes are: wifi, cordless phones, smart meters, hub centres and a myriad of other electrical devices.  It is believed that the emissions from these pose a serious threat due to their elevated electric or magnetic radiation.

What can we do about it?

In this workshop with Kelly Peacey, we will explore how crystals may now offer an answer.  Crystals are formed within the body of earth holding a stable crystallized electromagnetic field in harmony with nature and earth.  They have long been used to shield and transmute energies and influences and now they are being shown to convert negatively charged ions and assist in grounding and earthing the human electromagnetic body.


Explore and experience for yourself the powerful effects of crystals.


We will then dowse to confirm their effectiveness.


Members  £5 ; non members £10

Venue: Jordans Quaker Centre

Start : 2.15pm

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