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Weekend 29th June - 1st July 2018Mail: membership@thamesvalleydowsers.org.uk?subject=Please Book: Cotswold Weekend&body=Hi
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We are now taking bookings for our 2018 weekend away. We will be spending the weekend around Tewkesbury, led by Kris Lee and Liz O’Sullivan who have taken us on day trips before. The weekend is on June 30/July 1 2018 and is themed around sites a bit more recent, in most cases, than we visited over the last couple of years. A deposit of £20 is required with booking - details of how to pay will be provided when you book using the link above.

While we will endeavor to keep this deposit as the final cost, if costs increase the maximum payable would be an additional £15 per person. This does not include costs for travel, accommodation or food. Suggestions for accommodation will be circulated in the new year.

Kris and Liz  will do a historical introduction to the sites covering architectural points and interesting stories, and dowsing for earth energy lines. The sites are flat and easily accessible - other than the walk to Belas Knap, which is just under a half-a-mile, the first half of which is steep, and has a stile.

Tewkesbury itself is an attractive and historic town, with many  half-timbered buildings, two museums, several dozen alleyways, an early Baptist Chapel and a Wetherspoons with an upstairs medieval hall and wall paintings! Though somewhat post-industrial and blighted by traffic, away from the High Street one finds the relative tranquility of walks by the Avon and Severn, which meet here. There are numerous cafés, pubs and takeaways.

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