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Sunday 22nd AprilMail: chair@thamesvalleydowsers.org.uk?subject=Please Book: Spring Field Trip&body=Hi
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Spring Field Trip with Ron Dudley-Smith

In the region of Leighton Buzzard, Linslade, Broughton and Willen Lakes, Milton Keynes.

Ron is an expert earth energy dowser and is a Guardian of the Rollright stones in the Cotswolds.  We are arranging a day out with him to look at energies in and around churches in the Leighton Buzzard area, Wing, Slapton,  Linslade, including a healing spring,  and the ancient Anglo Saxon wall paintings at Broughton Church.  We will also explore the many energies around the stone circle, labyrinth, pagoda and temple at Willen Lakes , Milton Keynes.

10 a.m. –  5 p.m. approximately. Fee  £6 per person

This event is for TVD members only.  Maximum 12 people.

Please bring a Picnic Lunch and your dowsing tools of course.  As usual, please dress appropriately for the weather and with sturdy walking shoes.


This is suitable for members who are able to get a yes and no answer with their rods or pendulums.  There will be time to help you if you are unsure of your dowsing.  Full itinerary available from chair@thamesvalleydowsers.org.uk

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