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Sunday 17th Feb

Dowsing Workshop with Mark Harris Title :E=MC2: your biofield:  

You are both energy and matter and most of what we perceive and make decisions by is based on matter MC2. We use equipment at the E end to help measure diagnose and quantify what we may do with matter, however we are more than physical bodies, in fact we are the body electro- magnetic.

Dowsers are familiar with the yes no response which should ideally be a right hand or left hand spiral or rotations as they indicate yang expansion electric field right hand spin and yin contracting magnetic left hand spin. And every time we make a decision about what to eat, wear, buy, drive in, dowse with the same expansion and contraction of your chakras and whole energy field.

Expansion of the bio field leads to more awareness and understanding and more fortunate things occurring and the opposite happens when things contract.

Less understanding, less awareness, and less fortunes like losing money, health, relationships or a job. And when contracted you do not have the awareness to do anything about it even if you know something is wrong!

So come along and bring your favourite book, CD, DVD, dowsing items and supplements (not medical prescriptions) to see what is expanding or contracting for you.

Please be prepared to be challenged and come with an open mind as your favourite pendulum maybe no good for you no matter how much you like it or where it came from. Just because it said in a book or on a course that this crystal is good for that does not mean it is good for you. Remember bananas are good for you but not if you are allergic to bananas or try to eat them through your ear!

See Mark Harris’ profile and work on www.greenbeech.org.uk

Members  £5 ; non members £10

At Jordans Quaker Centre

2.15pm – approximately 4.30 pm

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