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Sunday 25th March 2018

Animal Communication and Healing: A talk with Ann Lodygowski

Ann will demonstrate how she communicates with animals by first finding out their character and feelings via flower remedies. She then checks by dowsing if they have any problems with their skeletal, muscular or internal systems, any basic deficiencies in vitamins, fatty acids, gut flora etc., or if there are any geopathic electromagnetic ley lines or water stress imbalances affecting them. These all give her the full picture. Please bring along a snippet of fur, mane hair or a feather of any animal you have concerns about, pen and paper and your dowsing tools.

About Ann:

It was in 1976 that Ann Lodygowski started dowsing for animals. She has studied anatomy, physiology, herbs and flower remedies, all of which help in her work. Living surrounded by animals, Ann has also learned to tune into them. Now an active 81 year old, she regularly works with animals in Canada, New Zealand, France and throughout the UK, preferring to work remotely as she gets more information that way.

Ann is delighted that her talk at Conference - Experiences of Animal Communication - and her two workshops will give her an opportunity to pass on knowledge she has acquired through her many years of dowsing for animals.

Venue: The Penn Room at Jordans Quaker Centre

Doors open at 2:00pm for  2:15pm running to 5 p.m. approximately

Members  £6     Non members  £11 (Additional £1 included for printed material)

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