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Friday 2nd November 2018Mail: chair@thamesvalleydowsers.org.uk?subject=Please Book: Keys to Grace&body=Hi
Would you please book  __ places at this talk



We are honoured to welcome back Dr. Patrick MacManaway for a talk on the Keys to Grace , the title of one of his books. Patrick is a qualified medical doctor but now  also a well known professional dowser, teacher and presenter, geobiologist, author, specialising specifically in remedial earth energy healing  work worldwide. He lives in Vermont and divides his time between the US and the UK.

Patrick has been our guest speaker on several occasions in the past speaking about his work, harmonising energies in the landscape, also working successfully on farms to increase yields whether it be crops or animals. Last year we spent a day with him learning about communicating with Nature Spirits.

On this occasion, he will talk to us about Keys to Grace.

“There is a state of mind and being, familiar to dowsers, in which we are alert yet at peace, poised yet still, our rational and intuitive and emotional and spiritual intelligences all in synergy and balanced, harmonious aliveness…

When in this “State of Grace” we are most connected and centred, and can get our best results for dowsing, healing, and manifestational processes.

In this presentation, Patrick will discuss the nature and aspects of the Grace State, and the keys of our mind and awareness that give us access to and stability in our most natural and self-actualized state of being.”



We are hiring the larger 1688 room at Jordans for this talk as it will provide more seating. Even so, we expect this talk by this truly remarkable man to be fully booked so don’t leave it too long! Reservation by advance booking only please.

Please Note : Animals and food and drink of any sort are not allowed in the Meeting House, and we should be grateful if you would respect this please as the Meeting House itself is a house of Prayer. We will be serving tea and coffee at half time in the Penn Room.

Venue: Jordans Quaker Centre: Doors open 7.00p.m.  for 7.30 p.m. start

Members £12 and non- members £15

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