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Past Events - 2017


In February Sandy McKenzie came top give us a talk on Egyptian and French Scientific Pendulums.

Adrian Incledon Webber returned for our March meeting. “Elementals my dear Watson - Working with Nature Spirits” was the title of his talk.

Lifestyle changes was our theme for April. Barry Witton hosted a session using his workbook on dowsing for lifestyle changes for health and wellbeing.

In May we held another teaching day, which again proved very popular

June saw us return to Wales for a second weekend being led by Ros Briagha. This time Llandovery was the hub for our visit.

Also in June Dr Patrick MacManaway came to give members a day of teaching on working with Nature Spirits.

“Healing with Sacred Symbols” was the subject of our July talk. Adrian Incledon Webber was our speaker

In October we ventured to Dunstable where Ron Dudley Smith led us dowsing around the priory, and the nearby Michael and Mary Lines

Later in October Peter Knight returned to Jordans to give a talk about the subject of his book, Dartmoor Mindscapes

Shamanism was the subject of our November talk. Deena O’Brien helped us explore the meaning and history of Shamanism. We even had a session to help us discover our Power Animals.

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