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Past Events - 2018


In January Dr. Helen Ford gave a talk on Therapeutic Aura Reading for understanding and healing the underlying causes of illness and emotional distress

For February Simon Brown gave a talk on how to use Face Reading for character readings and to help explore practices to improve health

Animal Healing was our theme for March. Anne Lodygowski  talked us through protocols for finding problems with our pets and other animals.   

A fine sunny day in April was the setting for our spring field trip to the Leighton Buzzard area, where Ron Dudley Smith led us around several churches and monuments and we dowsed the energies in and around them.

For the International Dowsing Day in May we held another teaching day at Jordans. Twenty five people came to learn and dowsed to find water outside. Unfortunately we found rather too much as it poured with rain!

Tewkesbury provided a hub for our June weekend away. Kris Lee and Liz O’Sullivan guided us around sites of interest

In the midst of our drought in July Linda Prenter gave us some more detailed teaching on the art of dowsing for water with a classroom session in the morning at Nuneham Courtenay with a practical session in the afternoon at Harcourt Arboretum

Adrian Incledon Webber was back with us for October, talking to us about Holy sites and Sacred Spaces and their formation

At the start of November Patrick MacManaway gave an interactive talk to a large group on finding the “Keys to Grace”, The state where we are fully in tune with the world

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