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Past Events - 2015

In January Christian Kyriacou talked to a packed Jordans hall about Orbs and the alchemy of space

Sare Doughty Basset gave a talk in February about Dowsing with Nature for a garden Sanctuary.

“Sacred Geometry and Your Reality” Was our theme for March. Karen French gave a talk.

April was a real treat. We were fortunate to have Patrick Macmanaway talk to us about the Dowsing, Subtle Energies and Regenerative Agriculture and the Art of Blessing Fields and Streams

“The Rose and The Alchemy of the Heart” was the subject for May. Sandy Humby presented and gave some demonstrations

June is the month for our weekend away. This year we ventured down to West Penwith where we were led around many stone circles, barrows and other sacred sites by John and Jill Moss. Report and photos

The Rollright Stones was our destination for July, Ron Dudley Smith led our activities.

After a break in August we resumed activirites in September  with a trip to the Global retreat centre to look at the Labyrinth and make some stone circles, led by Adrian Incledon Webber

For October we returned to Jordans meeting house where Dr. Maureen James gave an illustrated lecture exploring  the history of the belief in fairies.

Feng Shui was our them for November. Our chair, Sue Scott Powell gave the talk

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