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Past Events

Many people who don’t know much about dowsing assume that it’s all about finding water.  TVD members know that there’s a lot more to it than that!  Dowsing can certainly be used to find water sources, but it’s also useful for some health-related purposes, to find out more about earth energies, to ask questions about the geological and archaeological history of sites and much more besides.

Standing Stones, West Kennet Avenue, Avebury

Of course, a lot of dowsing goes on at our meetings, but we also explore all sorts of things that a dowser might be interested in.  So previous meetings have included, for example, talks on the properties of water; dowsing for treasure trove; healing animals; Feng Shui; house healing; and creating stone circles.

Some meetings take the form of field trips, and there gave been some fascinating and enjoyable visits to Bisham Abbey, Dorchester on Thames and the Wittenham Clumps, the Hambleden Valley, Hurley, The Vale of the White Horse, the Rollright Stones, and visits to see crop  circles  formed in the  Marlborough  Downs  region - as well as sites closer to home.  We often visit sacred sites and old churches with interesting histories.

Each year there is a weekend field trip where we can really explore an area. We have enjoyed the peace of Glastonbury’s Holy Well, sat amongst the stones at Stonehenge at sunset, explored the splendor of Dorset’s Jurassic coastline, and wandered around the Wye Valley.  

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