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Past Events - 2014


In January Peter Stammers gave us a talk on the latest research associated with crop circles.

Graphology was the subject  for February. Elaine Quigley  showed us how our handwriting reveals our personality.

Peter Knight was back in March, giving a talk on the Cerne Giant - Landscape, Gods and the Stargate.


April found us with David Furlong looking our our ancestors and how their energies still influence us. We also looked at ancestral healing.

The Windrush Valley was our destination for May. Kris Lee took us on a tour of churches starting out from Burford. Report

Our Annual weekend away this year in June found us touring Dartmoor with John Moss and his wife Jill. Report

Peter Knight was our guide for September taking us around some of the lesser known sites around Avebury.  Report

Finding lost objects, pets, people and ancestors was our theme for October, with a fascinating talk from Christopher Strong

Dowsing the Dragons of the Albion was our theme for November. Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare talked to us about their work and discoveries on the Belinus Line

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