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Past Events - 2016


In February we held a members day. Talks were given by members on Druidry and Psychic protection. The afternoon finished with a DVD from Raymon Grace

We braved the chilly spring weather to make an outing to Kelmscott Manor in April. Kris Lee and Liz O’Sullivan led us and provided historical context for the trip. Report

Sally Griffiths came to talk to us in May, telling us about progress at the Bosnian pyramids

June found members travelling to Haverfordwest for a weekend of dowsing around Dolmens and Stone circles. Report

Peter Knight showed us around a couple of sites at Nympsfield for September. After visiting the remains of one barrow we moved on to another intact barrow for dowsing and drumming

For October we said hello to Peter Knight again. This time he talked to us about how early Christianity usurped many of the myths and symbols of pre-exisitng beliefs for its own agenda.

Our big November talk saw Patrick Macmanaway visitng us to tell us about some of his experiences of working in the field

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