The Old Stones

Sunday 17th November

The Old Stones - the Megalithic Sites of Britain and Ireland

By Andy Burnham


A highly illustrated talk based around many of the fascinating themes, new discoveries and mysteries highlighted in the book The Old Stones, along with a look at lesser known but interesting sites in the local area. The Old Stones is the most comprehensive and thought-provoking field guide ever published to the iconic standing stones and prehistoric places of Britain and Ireland, and was awarded Current Archaeology Book of the Year 2019.  Andy is the lead author, along with other contributors to the huge Megalithic Portal web resource which he founded and has been running continuously since 2001. 


Some of the topics covered in his talk:

  • Megaliths and their connection to the oldest Neolithic Halls in Britain (in Kent)
  • Dolmens, propped stones and 'proto dolmens' and how, why and where they were constructed
  • Folklore of a Dartmoor stone circle
  • Ancient trackways, the evidence for long distance journeys to Stonehenge, and seasonal feasting at Durrington Walls
  • Use of colour in megalithic monuments (eg Anglesey)
  • Strange experiences at sites
  • Huge wooden monuments the size of four football fields, and how archaeologists think they were used
  • and much more - presented as a fast paced 'whistle stop' tour with amazing photos of prehistoric sites from all over the UK


Venue Jordans Quaker Centre.

Time: Doors open 2pm for 2.15pm start

Cost: Members £5   Non Members £10