Avebury Field Trip

Saturday 9th October

Tour of Avebury and Its Landscape - Led by Peter Knight and Sue Wallace.


As you will know,  there is a Neolithic Stone Circle and Henge at Avebury, together with a wood henge and other sacred sites nearby. We will be dowsing, drumming and meditating around the Stones on this exciting event and checking out the recent archeological finds in the immediate area.


Peter, is well known author (15 books) and very experienced guide of Sacred Places. He  has spoken to TVD several times, and led us on field trips in the past. He is joined today by his partner, Sue, who is a dowser and shamanic drummer and chanter. All the sites we will visit are not too far from the road and on flat ground.

Agenda below is as was planned before Covid 19 postponed this event and should be considered indicative until confirmed


10.45 a.m.

Meet at the Red Lion Pub, High Street, Avebury : SN8 l RF


The Pub opens at 11 a.m. and we can use the toilets there before we start.


11 a.m. til 1 p.m

In the morning session, we will explore the passage of the Michael and Mary currents of the St Michael Line, as they converge and flow through Avebury Henge, the largest Neolithic stone circle in the world. We will dowse these, as well as the energies of the huge stones themselves.


Peter will also point out numerous symbolism on the stones, such as dragons, horses, and heads, suggesting that the stones were chosen because of the simulacra they exhibit. He will also point out some of the astronomical alignments of Avebury's stones.

The morning session will end with Sue and Peter chanting and gently drumming around the group as they connect with one of the megaliths.


1 p.m. til   2.15 p.m.

Lunch will be taken at the Red Lion, Avebury.


After lunch, we will explore and dowse the Avenue of Stones which runs south from Avebury, dowsing the Michael current again, and seeing more simulacra in the stones.


Then we will visit the Sanctuary, site of a Neolithic wood henge and stone circle, which lies at the termination of the Avenue. This is the next point where the Michael and Mary currents converge. We shall end on some barrows opposite, which stand on the Mary current. Finally, Sue and Pete will gently drum and offer an earth-healing invocation.


We anticipate finishing around 4 p.m.


Cost:     £10 per person, plus lunch.    This is open to TVD members only - Maximum 15


Dowsing Ability: This is suitable for those of you who can get a good response with their rods, and would be a particularly good experience for those of you who participated in the June dowsing teaching day for beginners last year.



Further Reading: The Sun and the Serpent - Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst.


See: Peter Knight’s website: www.stoneseeker.net




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