Bird Spirit Healing

Saturday 5th December 2020 and Sunday January 10th 2021

Bird Spirt Healing part 1: Saturday 5th December 2 p.m. until 3p.m. approximately

Karen Stead-Dexter shaman, dowser and falconer will give an active dowsing talk on Zoom, 


Please bring a feather and/ or a story of a special bird encounter!


This is the first part of two sessions and will be free of charge to members of TVD and a charge of £5 for non members. There will be a  charge for the second session  of £3 for members and £5 for non members. which is scheduled for :

Sunday 10th January  2021 at 2 p.m. (only suitable for those of you who attended the talk on 5th December)

During this talk Karen  will explain and explore the responses you have received to the homework which she will  set after the first talk.



Karen describes the content of these talks as follows: “So the first session I will introduce Bird Spirit Medicine and how, if we are open to accept the wisdom of the birds, there are messages out there all the time...we just need to 'see' them.  I will talk a little about my background and how I use Bird Spirit Medicine.  

Previous to the first session I would ask people to have stories ready about bird encounters they may have had for discussion. So then I will open up the floor for people one by one to go over their bird encounters.  I would then give them information about the medicine the bird was giving them at that time.


The second session participants will need to complete homework that I set out (attached here for info).  So on the Zoom second session we will go through people's experiences with their own bird spirit encounter, I would give them clarification and perhaps ways in which they could personally deepen their experience.  We have had some really interesting encounters and bird stories (in earlier sessions).”

Please bring your feathers, stories and pendulums

To book please use the buttons below. Once booked you will be given the bank details to allow you to pay in advance. Once payment has been recieved you will be sent the Zoom links to the talk.

If these buttons do not work for you please email our chair Sue to book.