Albion Dreamtime

Sunday 9th February

Albion Dreamtime – Re-Enchanting the Isle of Dragons
With Peter Knight and Sue Wallace.

This powerpoint presentation is based on the speaker's new book of the same name. They tell of how they went questing to 100 selected natural sacred sites across Albion (UK) – from England to Wales, from Isle of Man to Scotland. Their experiences are described, complete with some videos for the talk. This spectacular journey called on waterfalls, rivers, caves, rock outcrops, simulacra, ancient forests, and much more. 
Myth, legend, fairies and giants are all covered, as well as Arthurian myths, and energy dowsing.
The talk is inspirational. Sue and Peter’s aim is to connect people with sacred landscapes again, in a way that has not been done since megaliths and temples began to be erected. Attendees will be taken on a journey to find 100 remnants of Albion’s original Dreamtime places, including Ice Age and Mesolithic sites, and how to connect with such profound places today.


Venue Jordans Quaker Centre.

Time: Doors open 2pm for 2.15pm start

Cost: Members £5   Non Members £10