Healing with Sound

Sunday 15th March 2020

The Healing Power of Sound


With James D'Angelo


Our essential nature is vibration, pulsations of consciousness. When we are in the flow, the vibrations of our subtle and physical bodies are in tune, sounding their true notes particularly through the chakras.  Our voices  have the power to resonate these centres and bring them into balance and harmony. To this end James will present various toning rituals  using vowels, consonants and seed syllables. There is a balance between outer sound and inner vibrations in the form of meditation.


Don't let any  talk of singing scare you off.  Toning requires no skill or singing talent - ANYONE with vocal cords can do it. Your singing ability (or lack thereof) will make absolutely NO difference.  You can still get all the benefits of toning without a good singing voice. Toning is producing just a single repetitive tone in the voice. So you don't have to sing. No experience necessary to participate, and no dowsing skills required.


JAMES D’ANGELO, PhD, has been leading his evolving, self-empowering  Soundspirit courses since 1996  both in Europe and the USA. and  has become a leading authority on  healing sound practices.. He is the author of The Healing Power of the Human Voice and Seed Sounds for Tuning the Chakras. www.soundspirit.co.uk 


Venue Jordans Quaker Centre.

Time: Doors open 2pm for 2.15pm start

Cost: Members £5   Non Members £10