Field Trip - Designing your garden

Saturday 7th May 2022

Field Trip: Designing your garden in Harmony with Nature:
A dowsing afternoon with Kate Smart at Waterperry Gardens

The day incorporates both theory and practical activities. Learn how to make your garden more abundant. Develop a dialogue with your garden and its inhabitants. Enjoy a silent meditative walk in nature.


Kate is an experienced dowser and garden designer and the afternoon will include a silent meditative walk to connect with nature.


Timing : Meet at Waterperry Gardens, (Use: OX33 1LA and not the one on their website ) at the  café  for lunch at 12 noon or bring your own sandwiches, and then access to classroom and gardens  from 1 p.m. until about 5 p.m.

Waterperry Gardens are located 35 minutes drive north of Beaconsfield via the M40.


Cost  TBA  £15 per person; (or £10 per person if we don’t hire a classroom ) plus access to garden  charge. (Plus lunch on site or bring your own for the picnic area outside ). Your cafe reservation needs to be booked with me  if you wish to have lunch in their café. good homemade fresh food, salads, sandwiches, some gluten free usually… so let me know  if you wish to reserve a place at the table.  See their website for menus….bookings 4 weeks before would be sufficient.. they are a small café and get booked up.)


Access to the gardens we understand will be £8.95 for Adults and OAPs

Members of TVD only. 


Limited spaces:  14  (or in line with any current restrictions)


Dowsing expertise recommended:

To benefit to the maximum at this event you need to be able to get a strong yes and no with your dowsing rods.


plan of the gardens:

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