Field Trip - Designing your garden

Saturday 15th May

Field Trip: Designing your garden in Harmony with Nature:
A dowsing afternoon with Kate Smart at Waterperry Gardens

The day incorporates both theory and practical activities. Learn how to make your garden more abundant. Develop a dialogue with your garden and its inhabitants. Enjoy a silent meditative walk in nature.


Kate is an experienced dowser and garden designer and the afternoon will include a silent meditative walk to connect with nature.


Timing : Meet at Waterperry Gardens, ( Use: OX33 1LA and not the one on their website ) at the  café  for lunch at 12 noon or bring your own sandwiches, and then access to classroom and gardens  from 1 p.m. until about 5 p.m.

Waterperry Gardens are located 35 minutes drive north of Beaconsfield via the M40.


Cost  £15 per person; plus access charge to the beautiful gardens, (2020 fee  is £8.50  per person ) Lunch is not included.


This event is for members of TVD only. 


We will be limiting the numbers for this event to 15.


Dowsing expertise recommended:

To benefit to the maximum at this event you need to be able to get a strong yes and no with your dowsing rods.