The Interconnectedness of all things

Sunday 21st January at 2pm

The Interconnectedness of all things

A Shared Zoom Talk with Trish Mills

Photo:White Leaved Oak Dragon. © Kelda White

When French Horn Player, David Grey of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, telephoned John Gibson Forty in 1999, John’s immediate reaction was “Wrong number!” But no, Mr Grey wanted John to dowse earth energies in the Malvern area, and research the Perpetual Choirs from a musical point of view.


Intrigued, John took on the assignment and his discoveries en route, from sacred sites and churches, history and holy wells, castles and cathedrals, even a football stadium, when plotted on a map, formed a ten-pointed, ten-sided geometric colossus, a Decagon. Based on the remanence of the Three Perpetual Choirs of Britain, where 2,400 monks, saints or druids had chanted on a rolling rota basis, 100 at a time, day and night, 24/7, for the ongoing enchantment of Britain, probably some 2000 years ago, it is still evident in the area today.


The Decagon seemed to be centred on White Leaved Oak on the exact spot where three counties meet – Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire – and measured 130 miles in diameter, covering 22 counties, and 14,000 square miles. Now that’s a lot of dowsing.


It stretched from Stafford in the north, Glastonbury in the south, from Milton Keynes in the East to Llandovery in the west. And John and his friend Peter Watson dowsed every inch of it. They encountered many mysteries, frustrations, sometimes bad energy intense enough to make them turn on their heels and run, but they persevered.


There were several light-bulb moments along the way, not least when John remembered from his Radionics training that energy does not recognise time or space; that during an eclipse, all the earth energies disappear; and eventually how and why energy lines increased and decreased in width, what influenced them, and the discovery of The Interconnectedness of All Things.

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