Spirit Release

Saturday, 9thMarch, 2024  2 p.m

SPIRIT RELEASE talk by Christian Kyriacou


Christian will introduce us to the language of the ‘other’ worlds, lost spirits, and confused ghosts. He will share the following:


We have a relationship to ghosts in our home.  Freeing them is by understanding that relationship, communicating with them, then helping them to release through love and compassion.


Our own personal emotive story, including ancestral and karmic patterns, makes us more receptive to certain emotions.


Through his sharing of consultation experiences, we will begin to recognise and tap into these energies that exist around us.


Your home is an externalised mirror of your inner home. Energy blockages in life will relate to parts of the house and certain rooms. Ghosts can attach themselves to furniture, art and other artefacts, even cars. There are many parallel layers and levels of existence constantly passing through our bodies and our homes.





The Penn Room at Jordans Quaker Centre, Welders Lane

Jordans, Nr. Beaconsfield Bucks, HP9 2 SN


Member £5

Non-Members £10

Booking via Susan Scott Powell


PLEASE NOTE: This event is now fully subscribed and a waitlist is in operation. Please do NOT pay until Sue has confirmed a space is available