Teaching day 2024


Learn a New Skill

An afternoon of teaching at Jordans Quaker Centre

Welders Lane, Nr. Beaconsfield, Bucks


Saturday 13th April 2024 (TBC)

Starting at 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. approximately

What is dowsing?  Dowsing is a technique used to uncover information through our own natural intuitive sense.  This ancient skill goes back hundreds of years when it was mostly used for finding water.

By careful questioning dowsing can be used to:

Find water leaks; check your vitamin levels; ask questions about your health; check allergies;  find missing objects; heal  the energy in your home;  choose your best holiday hotel and get help with other lifestyle choices.

Come and learn how to use dowsing rods and pendulums effectively.  We will start with teaching you how to obtain a “yes” and “no” answer, using different exercises to improve your technique.  Rods and pendulums will be provided.

Please reserve your place with Susan Scott Powell at chair@thamesvalleydowsers.org.uk

Or phone for further information on 01494 813 214 (mornings).

The fee is £10 per person and is subject to availability, so please check first.

Please arrive on time as the first 15 minutes of instruction are the most important of the afternoon!